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What are cookies?

Cookies are text files that are placed on your computer or device by a website.

Cookies recall if you have previously visited the Avon Insurance website, what pages you viewed and if you have saved information within the website, such as your local Avon Insurance branch.

Websites can then use this data to tailor the information you receive whilst browsing, in relation to your previous visits and activity. The aim is to provide you with content that is of interest, and make your experience on the website as relevant and interactive as possible.

Cookies do not identify you personally. Any personal information that you provide within the Avon Insurance website is securely stored and is used in accordance with our terms and conditions and privacy policy.

How are cookies used by avon insurance?

Avon Insurance uses cookies in a number of ways, the main purpose being to provide you with optimised content and allow you get the best experience whilst browsing. We do not use cookies to acquire personal information about you or others.

Outlined below are the specific ways in which Avon Insurance utilises cookies.



Google Analytics (nfu_lb)

This cookie allows Avon Insurance to identify the user session. This can then be used by Google Analytics for reporting on the session.

Avon Insurance uses Google Analytics to help understand how you use the website. Through the use of non-personally identifying information, Google Analytics records information such as pages visited, time spent on a page, and if you have been to the website before.

Avon Insurance can use this data to help us improve the website. For example if a particular page is receiving a higher number of visits than others for longer periods of time, we then know that visitors are finding this type of content useful. We can then place this information in a prominent position on the website, making it easier for you to find and, where possible, create further content on the particular area.

For further information on how Google analytics use cookies, please visit their website


This cookie stores the answer for the question asking if you are aware that the page uses cookies.

How third parties use cookies?

Third party cookies are the same as first party cookies in function, however the difference is that in some instances you may be on Website A, but the cookie that is stored on your browser has not been placed there by that particular website, but instead is from another website – Website B.

Avon Insurance uses third party cookies to measure the response to online advertising activity.

If you would prefer not to allow Avon Insurance or third parties to place cookies on your device, use the link appropriate to your browser below or visit or

To opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics across all websites visit

Useful information

  • A number of websites provide detailed information on cookies, including and
  • The Internet Advertising Bureau website Your Online Choices allows you to install opt-out cookies across different advertising networks.
  • Google has developed a browser add-on to allow users to opt-out of Google Analytics across all websites which use this popular analytics product.
  • New technologies such as Mozilla's Do Not Track allow you to tell websites not to track you.
  • Internet Explorer has a feature called Tracking Protection Lists which allows you to import a list of websites you want to block.

Further information on Avon Insurance use of cookies

If you would like more information regarding cookies or our use of them, please contact the Data Protection Officer through the following means:

by email at

by post to:

Data Protection Officer
Avon Insurance
Tiddington Road,
CV37 7BJ.

Who to contact in relation to processing of personal data at Avon Insurance

Avon Insurance controls the processing of personal data on its systems. If you would like to discuss anything in relation to this policy or how we handle your personal information, you can reach the Data Protection Officer for Avon Insurance by writing to: Data Protection Officer, Avon Insurance, Tiddington Road, Stratford-upon-Avon, CV37 7BJ.

If you’d like this document in large print, braille or audio, just contact us.